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Spy Bot

Spy Bot is a another free piece of software that you can download that will help clean up your computer. It's very similar to Ad-Aware, but will find something that Ad-Aware didn't get (and vice-versa). To get started, go to www.safer-networking.org

From here, click on the [download] button on the left side of the page. That will bring up this:

Now click on the [Download here] button toward the bottom of the page, on the right. This will bring up another screen that lists several places you can download it from. Choose the one you'd like to use and then download it.

After that, it's very similar to Ad-Aware. Install the software (which is quite straightforward), then run it. You'll need to get the newest updates and then have it "Search & Destroy" on your computer.

Between this and Ad-Aware, your computer should be completely clean of any ad-ware or spy-ware that you may have had. If you had a lot of junk on your computer then this should have sped you up a lot!

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