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The files on your computer can get messy over time. Not damaged necessarily, but just jumbled a bit. Kind of like your desk. There's probably papers all over it. The papers are still in good shape, but it's hard to find things. Your computer works the same way.

Over time, files get spread out more and more on your hard drive. Running defrag will help to tidy everything up and get things running better. If you've just done all of the other steps on this site, your hard drive is likely a mess. Between removing programs, removing spyware, adding software, etc, things can get cluttered. Let's clean it up!

To get started, click on [start] then [all programs] then [accessories] then [system tools] and then choose [disk defragmenter]. It will come up and should look about like this:

Make sure your C:\ is selected and then click the [Defragment] button at the bottom. It will spend a little while (maybe 5-45 minutes) cleaning things up. In the future, you should run this program once every month or so.

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